Robert Parry Award

The Los Angeles Chapter of NABE created the Robert Parry Award in honor of Robert T. Parry who served as President and Chief Executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco for 18 years and has been a long time member and supporter of the chapter. The award is given annually to a member of L.A. NABE who has served on the board and made notable contributions to the Chapter for his/her contributions to the economics community in Greater Los Angeles.

Previous Award Recipients 

2007 – Nancy Sidhu
2008 – Laurie King
2009 – Jack Kyser
2010 – Thomas Higgins
2011 – Arthur Shaw & Raymond Jallow
2012 – Robert Kleinhenz
2013 – Leslie Appleton-Young
2014 – James Goldberg
2015 – Ross DeVol
2016 – Lynn Reaser
2017 – Grace K. Wickersham
2018 – Karen Smith
2019 – Kimberly Ritter-Martinez